How to pay vendors with "Vendor-to-admin payments" add-on


I currently have the “Vendor-to-admin payments”. As my understanding, when a customer purchases a product, the money goes directly to the admin (store owner). Then the admin has to manually distribute the money to the vendor. However, how does the vendor distribute the money to the vendor, though what payment system?

Automatically it can be done with Stripe Connect and PayPal Commerce Platform. If you use other payment method, this process is not covered by Multi-Vendor software


I currently have PayPal commerce platform installed, but I would like to transfer the money to the vendor after a certain period of time. Also when using the PayPal Commerce platform, the vendor has to connect their PayPal account to receive money. But what happens if they do not connect it? How do I send them the money?

If you’re using PayPal Commerce, I think connecting PayPal account should be the condition, under which vendor account gets activated. As long as vendor does not connect account, he should remain disabled.

I do not know if PayPal has such options (delayed transfer). Multi-Vendor transfers it immediately.

Also if the cart contains items from 3 vendors and one of them is not connected with PayPal account, this order cannot be paid with PayPal and will be declined