How To Pass Variable From Controller To Template

nw that I have my custom product table extension working, I need to present some UI to manage the data (admin products.manage) and view (products.view) it

I created a controller in my addon, and the controller gets fired, I can access the database, and properly get the data (get), and I’m sure on post I can put it back.

now to show the data on the screen.

I started down the html block path, but you can’t access template variables in these blocks, too late in the process cycle…

so, I created a static template, and this template is fired as expected (on view at the moment)…

but, how do I address the variable in the template… all the samples don’t seem to match whatever is required in 4.2.4

my controller does


my template does


some content2

on the product entry view on the customer site, I see
some content2

so I am missing a small piece of info.

I write a log file from my controller, it said I was in a get request, with mode = view. (as expected).

the variable also appears in debug mode in the templates view variables list as expected, with the proper value.

ps it works now,


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