How to order categories alphabetically?

In the left categories box, how do i set it to list them in A-Z order?

You may use the POS to place them in order;

Go to Catalog → Manage Categories

and change the number on the POS

to 1 as for the #1 category you want to show first on the categories box.

heres an image of the managing;

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But if I add a new category that should be in the middle I am going to have to update lots of order numbers etc. I have had this issue in the past.

I tried setting them all to the same number e.g. ‘1’ but this still didn’t work.

Look forward to help :slight_smile:


the easy solution for categories is to number them with a gap between them

i used a 10 gap

110-120-130-140-150 etc…

(you could use 25 or anything)

that way, I could add up to 9 categories in between any categories from my initial setup…

Still, funny that it isnt done A-Z by default like most other shop scripts… guess I will just have to remember to go and sort them all out after every time I add a new category.

If you set the POS to 0 on all categories they will sort in alphabetical order.

[quote name=‘baballuci’]If you set the POS to 0 on all categories they will sort in alphabetical order.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the tip man!

I couldn’t get it to work for manufactures. I guess I do it the long way… :confused:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

There are lots of other good tips in the knowledge base ( click on Resources on main cs-cart page )