How to move location of gitter

Hi all

This is probably CS-Cart 1.0.1 knowledge but I cant seem to figure it out.

Please look at the image.


How do I Grid 7 next to Grid 3 - to the right?

Thank you for a little help.


As far as I am aware - and I would love to be corrected on this - you cannot move grids, but you can move blocks.

You will need to create a new grid within the parents grid (ie. the same way you created Grid 3)

The parent grid should be set to Width: 16

The combined widths of Grid 3 and your new grid should be a maximum of 16. For example, Grid 3 width '8' and Grid X width '8' would give a 50% width to each grid.

Hi StellarBytes

I have made it work although I dont always understand the logic, but thank you for your help, it helped.