How To Move "list Price" Field

Hi, can anyone tell me how to move the 'List Price" field closer to the product price? Right now it is way over to the right of the product price and interferes with the "promo text" I wish to use.

Thank you

Check the css with firebug or similar browser debugger. Adjust either the margin or padding values to suit your needs (or other positioning).

Thank you, but firebug won't make it permanent correct?


Can't seem to locate the css.

It sounds like you have made an adjustment that threw it off because the List price, Price and Discount price all use the following from what I can tell.

.ty-product-prices {
    margin: 20px 0px;

Where should I be looking for this? In my cpanel or through my admin panel

Whichever file manager you want to use. It's in /design/themes/[your_theme]/css/styles.less but I don't think it's where you need to look to solve your issue if only the LIst price is off.

Where do you think I should look?

Please provide us with the screenshot of the issue

trying to send screen shot, but forum is saying I'm using wrong extension.

here is a link to the page.

You should have stated that it was a custom skin. You should ask the developer to make the changes for you. You will need to tell them exactly where you want the list price. In the default CSC, the list price is just above the price. Both css and the template file will need to be edited depending on where you want it.

Edit: Since it is not responsive and the content width isn't that wide, adding promo text might make it look crammed/messy.?

Thank you "The Tool", problem is the skin was installed by a company and I didn't purchase it directly, so the developer won't help me. Its a short story, but don't want to get any one in trouble. The developer is aware. I have contacted the installer, and waiting on his reply.

I do not see the List price on your website. Did you solve the issue?

Hi, the web hosting company restarted my website, cause pages were lost while i was tinkering around. I changed one of the products so you can see the issue:

Please add the following rule to the CSS section of the Theme editor:

.product-prices .prod-price-right {
    padding-right: 100px;

Then clear the cache and check the result

Excuse the question, but should I add it anywhere specific, or just at the end? I'm not a developer or anything like that. But I can add it

Now my theme editor in admin is not working.

Okay got the theme editor to work. Used the code you gave me @ecom, but only moved it a little bit.

Play with 100px value to set up required padding