How to move categories?

Hi Everyone,

I have had interspire and moved to cs cart because i am planning to go the highest level of features and interspire charge around $1700 to have all features + unlimited item listing but simultaneously with cs cart even if i upgrade for $295 then its really worth it. so for experiment i have taken free version to give it a try and if all good then i will go with upgraded version.

Now my problem is my supplier give me products in csv format and i can upload all products in bulk but i need to manage categories every time because my supplier gives me all mess categories so i just uploaded all products but i am not able to edit categories in bulk so is there any such facility that i can move categories in bulk as a sub categories…

For Example,

I have main category A which i made by myself and there are already 2 categories Category B and Category C which is created from csv file so how can i make both categories as a sub category of A in bulk because this is just a example but my store has about 800 categories so i cant do one by one. So can any one help me to get it done easy way…

Best regards