How to: Memberships with 25% off but no free shipping?

I want to create a “silver” membership. I want to give certain customers 25% discount on the list price of any product, BUT I do not want those silver members to get free shipping (I have a permanent storewide promotion where anyone ordering $20 or more gets free shipping within the continental US).

Can anyone give me a step by step on how to do this as I’m stumped.

Thanks in advance.

I have not tried this but I think it should work.

Create your 25% off promotion with Usergroup = ‘Silver’ as the condition. Set this promotion to have a lower priority than your ‘Free shipping’ promotion and also make sure that “Stop other rules” is checked.


Thanks for the help Bob. I tried that, but it still gives the silver customers free shipping.

OK that seems to work. However, I do not want to give 25% off products in my Special Offers category as these are already somewhat discounted. I have been trying for about an hour to figure out how to do this, but to no avail. I may be missing something very simple.

I added a condition to the Silver Discounts promotion that says

Categories > Not In > Special Offers

but the cart still gives the Silver Discount to items in the Special Offers category. The one condition of them being a Silver member seems to override any other conditions I set.


Ubfortunately, that is a reported bug which the developers in all their obstinate wisdom deem a feature request. You can add your comments at:



OK I posted in that thread.

I also tried including all categories except Special Offers with the same result. That whole categories condition seems broken.

The only other way is if there is the possibility to make the discount apply against the list price instead of the current selling price, but that’s probably not possible either, right?