How To Mass Apply Tags To Products?

Being able to easily curate lot of product selections is a huge boost for traffic. However, I can't find a convenient way to do it, since the product editing (mass aplication of attributes using 'edit selected products') doesn't allow to apply tag to multiple products at once!

Is there some hidden way to do it, or am I really supposed to go to the details of each product to add tags? It doesn't make sense! For that reason I'm using multiple categories for product selections, I feel that tags, however, would be more natural for that.

It doesn't look like it exists but it shouldn't be too hard to add it.

You should be able to extend the tags addon to enable it to provide those fields during a mass edit of products. I've not looked at it, but is should be reasonable to do. Surprised it isn't part of the standard product since most m_* operations are supported in cs-cart standard addons.

Thanks guys, very useful, will look at it.

Please pay attention to our Export/ Import Tags module

Indeed, seems to do the job. Thanks!

You are welcome!