How To Manually Organize Category Images On The Homepage?

How to manually organize category images on the homepage?

Using version 2.24 I was able to go design, blocks, homepage and edit category positions very easily.

Now with the current 4. version the best that I can do is organize the homepage category photos all at once.

Without adding a category how do I manually organize the category positions.

Example I have 80 categories and I want all categories that are blue together then a group of yellow designs then green and so on…

How can I quickly and easily do this as in the past?


it seems that this feature does not present in CS-Cart 4, but there is an inconvenient workaround for categories blocks set manually:

  • you may add categories one by one and the sequence of addition would define positioning.

    Additionally, it is possible to restore ability to set positions via customization so if you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are also at your service

I can't imagine why CS Cart would do this maybe it is just a bug?

Block manager functionality was changed significantly since version 3.x and some features were not updated so it might be a reason.

You should inform CS-Cart support about this issue and post it on UserVoice as it is important UI feature for manual blocks

I have made a post in the bug area as I can't imagine any good reason to leave out something important like this - no reply so far.

Lets give CS Cart a chance to fix this problem.

As I said lets give CS cart a chance to fix this and to their credit they have agreed to restore the feature.

I am very happy as this is important to our customers.