How to make? Please help


[size=5]I saw a site, Lists the products with color selection.[/size]

[size=5]I want to implement the feature on my site, this site has: [url=“”][/url][/size]

[size=5]I use version Multivendor 4.0.1[/size]

[size=5]How can I do this feature?[/size]

[size=5]Thank you for helping…[/size]

[size=5]Best Regards,[/size]

[size=5]Bahadır ACAR[/size]

We have a mod based on filters to do that exactly. Please feel free to contact us at CS-Cart Templates - CS-Cart Skins - CS-Cart Addons - CS-Cart Mods

The system price $ 590 and you want $ 350 for this property. Strange, do not you think…


Please PM for a free quote


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