How to make phone mandatory instead of email?

By deafult email is mandatory for customers and there is no way to unchek this in the customer profile fields. I know how to make phone mandatory, but my goal is to be able to make phone mandatory in place of email. The reason is the shop I am working on is for a target market that barely uses emails.


Please check our addon

Addon has option to login and register only by phone number.

Your addon looks interesting. But I have a few security questions.

  1. Does it have a phone verification feature which prevents another customer from trying to register or log in using someone else’s number?
    For example if a user registers a phone number, does it automatically mark the number as verified?
  2. When a registered user tries to update or change their phone on the account, will they be required to enter a verification code before saving the changes?


Sure, we have support of 1) and 2) cases.