How to make: 'payment method' depends on 'shipping method'?


How to make: ‘payment method’ depends on ‘shipping method’?

I need automatically showing only ‘payment method’ depending on the choosen shipping method?

for example:

I have 3 shipping methods. [ship1/ship2/ship3]


4 payment methods [pay1/pay2/pay3/pay4/]

How make

if user select ‘ship1’ or ‘ship2’ must showing only [pay2/pay3/pay4]

if user select ‘ship3’ must showing only [pay1/pay3/pay4]


Any ideas?

This would be a custom mod. Seems odd to me to want the payment method based on shipping method. I could see the inverse as reasonable but what you’e wanting to do doesn’t make sense to me.

Can you explain more about why?

For example

“Cash” payment method, must be allow only for “Courier” shipping method.

How to getting ‘shipping_id’ inwardly functions ‘fn_get_payment_methods’ (fn.cart.php)?

In v1.3.5 in this function i can getting ‘shipping_id’ from $cart[‘shipping’] or $order_info[‘shipping’].

me too finding same if got any solution do let me know as well thank

If any found the solution, please inform. thanks!

Has anybody solution for payment method, depending on the shipping method in v 3.0.6 ultimate?

Thaks in advance

It seems very odd to me that cod payment method is not dependent upon the shipping method