How to make out of stock text to a button/graphic

HI Guys,

I would like to change the look of “out of stock” text to a button/ graphic. I mean i want to replace the text with a rectangle shape out of stock button. I have this graphic ready with me, however i have no idea what are the steps to achieve this process.

Any help would be great!

Thanx in advance!

check this on language option, search out of stock word and than replace to image

Hi there,

Can you please explain this more clearly? I did find the out-of-stock text in the languages area and renamed the text to the image file name. big_butt.jpg. But it simply shows a text big_butt.jpg and not the image?

i am sure am doing something wrong…please help!

You just need to put in something like:

Out of Stock

Of course change your values to match.

Also you would need to upload your image into your main images folder.

Hope that helps,


Brandon, thank you very much…that worked just great!