How to make limit shipping section with total amount?


how to make limit shipping method with total amount ?

( in cs-cart default limit exist with weight limit only)

i want to use “Surface Post” and “Hong Kong Post”

and this companies roll is accept shipping with total amount lower than 20$ only

in shipping section only i can set weight limit and with “cost dependencies” config only can set cost depend and not make limit or ban

so what should i do ?

Sincerely Yours

Farhad Shahmohammadi

the promotions section can deal with the…see catalogue/promotions. eg, you can set free shipping over x $s



thanks for reply.

i check the promotion section . that is a way for do that .

but on there we should set Gift or Free product or free shipping (example :free shipping for all item with amount higher than 30 $ and customer cab buy and use again all shipping method with lower amount)

i want to way to customer can not use one of shipping method when total order amount higher than 20 $.

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