How To Make Block Manager Show Entire Block Names

I was having a problem where the Block Manager in the Design > Layout section of the admin panel was only showing the first 25 characters, making it impossible to see which block you are selecting when adding it to the Layout Manager [especially when I have many similarly named blocks whose first 25 characters are the same].

Even though it’s quite simple, I figured I would share the solution to save those who are having this same problem some time…

  1. Find the design/backend/templates/views/block_manager/components/existing_blocks.tpl file

  2. Towards the bottom of the file [line 12], within the div class ‘select-block-description’, you will see the following line of code:

    {$|truncate:25:“…”:true nofilter}

  3. Change the truncate value of 25 to the amount of characters you want displayed [34 was perfect for my needs].

  4. Clear cache and check results by going to Design > Layout and clicking on the gear in the top right, then selecting Manage Blocks or by adding a block to one of your grids.

    I also made a few CSS changes to the design/backend/css/block_manager.less file such as increasing the width of the columns so only 3 blocks are displayed on each line, thus allowing more room for the block titles [note the overflow, text-overflow, and white-space attributes [correct CSS terminology?], which control the way the block titles are displayed, as these will most likely be important attributes].

    Although not a complex matter, this is my way of returning to the forum what it has provided me with. Thank you.