How to link to a Page Tab, also using return_url?

Many Pages within cs-cart have Tabs. Standard links to these pages open the first tab by default.

My problem is the whole “Sign-In” and “Registration” process in the CSCart is way too static and user-unfriendly.

I also need to Link to a Products page, but automatically open the Specifications Tag, for example, rather than the default Description tag.


  1. The customer Profiles-Update page has a “General” and a “User Group” Tab.

    My requirement is that, from a particular page I need a Link to the Sign-In page that, will return the user, to the USER GROUP tag of the PROFILE DETAILS page rather than the default GENERAL tag upon sign-in success. Not by hard coding but using the “return_url=” parameter in the Link text.

    Using something like ```php
Of course that does not work...<br />
<br />
2. Same as above but for new registrations. I don't want it to always go to a registrations landing page as was the coding the helpdesk offered, rather the Link to the registrations page would define the return_url, being in this case the same USER GROUPS Tab of the PROFILE DETAILS page.<br />
<br />
Help appreciated.