How To Limit Permissions Of An Store Admin

Let me explain what I mean. In our non CS Cart store we had the option to give specific roles to users if they not needed full fledged store admin permissions. Is there an addon that allows me to limit the role / rights of an user anything else than just a paying customer?

I have hired a content manager whom I am willing to grant access to edit product content, categorie content (change category names) but not have access to customers.

I found one addon that does this but it still leaves a lot open mess up certain store configurations

Is there anyone here who has had their Simtech Development: Advanced Permissions modified to limit admins from accessing certain areas of the store completely such as the stores security settings, admin handling and similar items.

Okay I have to update this post and tell you all that this is a must have addon if you sometimes have people write content for your store and or hire contractors to do work on your store and require functional admin access.

You must however follow the instructions and do what I did.

Kudoos to SimtechDev for this addon.

Standard usergroup permissions would not allow you to get what you wanted?

Standard usergroup permissions would not allow you to get what you wanted?

No I have not seen that option within the standard usergroup permission settings, did you?

You should be able to limit almost anything you want on the Adminstrators usergroup. Various addons and other controllers.

What group do you have your administrator in? What permissions do you have 'checked" for that administrative group?

You actually told me something new which I had not realized before. The store allows you to give specific permissions to and admin and exclude certain permissions as well.

The Simtech Dev addon did not add very much to the game except for this tiny portion

Otherwise I could have spent that 30 EUR more wisely