How to integrate forum into cs-cart?

Just come across this cs-cart forum which looks very sexy and has anyone got any idea how to get the same thing done either paid or not. Not sure how many people are interested. If we can have a bridge done, we may integrate any forum, blog and etc into cs-cart as addon.

Not sure which do you prefer, a simple and elegant addon built from 0 for cs-cart or a seamless integration of any third party program?

Your ideas are welcome.

Wow very nice. I’d like to have such forum. It would be nice that registered customer would not need to make additional registration on forum.

I would be interested in this as well.

Me want this as well … would be great to do that …

It looks like it’s just vBulletin with a skin that matches the CSC default template. It does not appear to have any integration with the login system.

I think the thread poster might just be interested for a start in trying to integrate the forum with the cscart store header/navigation, aka look and feel, and functionalities in one page. Aka the forum is displayed within the content block of cscart page.

I’d like to invite you to continue with this thread in another post, if you were interested: