How To Install Updates/upgrades With Modified/custom Code?


I would like to install the new upgrades. However, there is custom code and I don't want the custom code to disappear. Last time I installed a new upgrade, I didn't back it up and all of the custom code had disappeared. How do I install the upgrade, but keep all of the custom code?

Thank You!

Usually people use git and resolve the conflicts while merging. Don't know of any other way to do this really.

Please check our instruction

And how would that help? This is just for custom CSS that is in a separate add-on. Pretty sure he is talking about core changes.

I was sure that the questions was about missed styles. Anyway, other extra changes in templates and php files in 95% cases can be made through the module


I would just like to install the available upgrades in the "Upgrade Center", without removing any of the custom code that I added. Should I just create a backup of the files and the database data in the "Backup/Restore" section under the "Administration" drop down menu?

I am afraid, such transfer can be made only manually. Make a backup and during upgrade you will receive list of modified files. Save it and use to transfer your code changes