How to Install Custom Template

Hi, I am working on a custom template. I have given it a directory in /skins/ and I have updated the manifest.ini but I don’t see anywhere in the admin where I can activate it. I tried looking through the KB, but I may have missed it.

Any input would be appreciated.



Try Design>Skin Selector, then select your new skin for the Customer Area

Hi Struck, thanks for the response.

It’s not showing up in that drop down, that was where I assumed it should have shown up. That’s why I wasn’t sure if there was an “install skin” method I was missing.

Inside of my root directory is a skins folder.

There is a directory called basic and one for my custom_theme.

I completely copied the basic directory for custom_theme, updated the manifest.ini and made a few changes to the theme files.

Is there any step I missed or anything else I need to do to make the custom_theme show up in the drop down on the Skin Selector page?


Ah ha! I found this thread - [url][/url] - and that helped me out. I was using the incorrect skin directory.

Thanks again!