How to include Product ID in supplier emails?

I am glad the store has finally received its first sale, Yeah!!! However when the supplier received the email, there’s no product code and he had no idea what products are those. He needed the product code to make sure he ships the right product. I have to call him and tell him the codes. That’s a pain in the ass. Is there a feature that I can enable this?


{* Ordered products *}


{foreach from=$order_info.items item="oi"}
{if $oi.extra.supplier_id == $supplier_id}


{$lang.sku} {$lang.product} {$lang.amount}
{if $oi.product_options}
{include file="common_templates/options_info.tpl" product_options=$oi.product_options}

{* /Ordered products *}

This works like a charm! Thanks!!!

I have added this as a feature request in the bug tracker:


It really should be part of the standard package since most vendors require product codes.


Yep. It’s not easy for the suppliers to be going off of a description. I editted the post to include your_skin instead of basic.

Is it possible to include thumbnail images for each item as well? This will not only make it easier for supplier to prepare shipment but also will reduce human error when the supplier can match the image and product, which will reduce chances of shipping the wrong product.

Yes, including the product code is of utmost importance. Thanks Tool Outfitters for this mod.

These invoice templates are pretty lame out of the box and require much mod’s to get them to look right on emails.

Also, I would like to have the following displayed on the Supplier Email.

It most likely will require mod to …/my_skin/addons/mail/suppliers/notifications.tpl

Rather than the email start with “Dear Sirs” the mail body should start with:

Dear [Supplier_firstname], or

Dear [Supplier_company]

And perhaps the full Supplier Contact information at the bottom of the invoice.

Are these variables available for the $io. data?

It doesnt look like the supplier info is stored in each order, just the supplier_id. So I need a way to extract this data in the notifications.tpl of invoice.tpl file.

What variables can I refer to to get this. ??


I paid Helpdesk for the solution. I’ll list the new Supplier Notification template on if anyone interested…please express…