How to improve performance


I am very new for CS-Cart. Can anyone please check the website and tell me the performance (speed) is as expected for CS-Cart ?

Any centralize tips are documented for fortnight/weekle maintance (i mean clear data from servers and others).

I used to delete products so will it also delete all related images and from hosting server ?

please suggest I am planning to start a adv campaign soon and want best performance for customer's visits.

Thanks in Adv.

May your all wish come True.

speed seems fine to me considering you are using filters also. I am in Uk and after clicking through a few products I would say it it good speed for a CS cart site.


Hi drajpura

You are having problems with your site performance

See this metrics

Page Speed Grade: 66% D

YSlow Grade: 78% C

CS-Cart can go up to A and B

See this as an example

You need to fix all first 4 rows and then you will see a huge difference, Main thing is you have keep alive enabled, which is very cruisal for CS-Cart v40x.


Thanks for both of you guys.

Please also let me know how to improve on this. I am very new to this and not an developer.

Its all in the gtmetrix report.

See if your images need optimization, activate the gzip compression in CS-Cart 's config.local. php and try to keep product amount in Carousel and blocks in a reasonable number, in order to keep db queries low.

And ask your provider if he can activate keep Alive to your hosting.

Try those and let me know how you did.