How to import Tags (and other missing fields) for each product via the 'Tags' Addon? (../schemas/exim/)


Having spent to to long adding tags to products via the product page, i’ve decided it is just not a feasible task that can be expected to perform with thousands of products.

When you create a product, if you scroll down that page you can add a bunch of tags such as: grey, blue, green, red, jacket. This will then populate the Tag Cloud (add to layout via Blocks), and as words become more popular, they also become larger in size.

I’ve got an excellent Excel Spreadsheet that currently manages all the products, supporting filtering and concatenation of fields to simplify and ease the data input process.

The problem is, that Meta Keywords, and Search Words are available which is fine, however there is no TAGS field to import against for data to be loaded into the DB against each particular product…

I’ve made the following modification to assist the process of bulk importing Products but more importantly: “Product Options” and “Option Combinations” (which already uses the “product_id” field!), however am totally confused and have no idea how to get Tags (which is an Add-on) to be included in import / export!

Thanks in advance for your help!

UPDATE THE FOLLOWING CODE IN /schemas/exim/products.php @ Approx Line 88.

		'export_fields' => array (<br />
				'Product code' => array (<br />
						'db_field' => 'product_code',<br />
						'alt_key' => true,<br />
						'required' => true,<br />
				),<br />
                'Product ID' => array (                 /* ADDED! */<br />
                        'required' => false,            /* ADDED! */<br />
                        'db_field' => 'product_id',     /* ADDED! */<br />
                ),                                      /* ADDED! */
```[/font]<br />
<br />
The above is what I did to include the unique Product ID used by CS-Cart to identify each and every product. This is then used instead of the product code in most cases - such as product combinations, multiple product images, etc.<br />
<br />
[font=Verdana]I'm not sure if anyone else finds it strange, but why are Product Code and Product ID not available columns in [u]EVERY[/u] type of import / export of data? It would make sense to me!<br />
<br />
Cheers![/font]<br />
<br />
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Bump - I want to be able to import tags

[size=4][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]I think everything that is INSIDE CS-Cart should be accessible! It should be able to be EXPORTED and IMPORTED! (to a certain extent… :P)[/font]

[font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]For example, pages, links, content, etc, etc, etc.[/font][/size]

I agree with UniDevelopers. I really do not want to loose and of the bits and pieces that help the site flow and work better for users and search engine spiders.

It really is bizzare that ALL fields are not accessible through import / export, under:[list]


]product options,



[]page content,


[*]etc, etc!


How much faster and time would be saved if you could plug all your websites’ data in locally on a PC then upload + import it, rather than entering it all via a web browser, waiting for each page to load! [font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif] :P[/font]

I’d pay $50 for an “Add-on” that would override and improve the EXIM functions and files. If you think about it, it is really just the mapping of all tables and rows from the Database through to CS-Cart’s Exim files. If someone has a solution, or willing to develop a solution, either modifying existing files or creating an add-on, I’d be more than happy to provide feedback, test, and generally assist development of it.

Once created, I’m sure a hell of a lot of people would be keen to save hours upon hours of their time by importing all their data, instead of importing some of it, then entering the rest of the data (e.g. tags) for 2.000 - 20,000 products!

I’m keen to hear + learn more for CS-Cart versions 2.2.x and 3.x.

Thank you.