How to import products with Buy Now URL (catelog mode) ?

Hi everybody,

I am a new user of CS Cart professional edition and its amazing.

Coming to the point, I have been working as a affiliate member so that, I place direct vendor buy now url in place to add to cart.

When I contacted supported team, they advised to used 'Catalog Mode’ add-on [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation and I used it. With this addon, we can place direct merchant url along with product.

My question is, how can we import products along with buy now url ? I tried a lot by placing lot of fields but not succeed yet.

Can u pls explain anybody about how can I import products along with Buy Now URL?

Thanks a lot in advance.

I am not a pro, but so far i see it isnt possible at the moment, because you have no field for export articles with this “buy now url” the other thing what isnt available too is that the “Buy now url” depending according to the language

Has a solution ever been found to this? This needs to be a feature in the next upgrade. If we want to import a thousand products from a partner's site to use as Buy Now URL's in Catalog Mode, it makes it prohibitive to do so if we can't import the Buy Now URL with the products.

Is there a work around where you can add a desired field that the import data can contain?

Thank you

Sure would be great to find a solution to this.