how to import file from excel


this is my first time using this software.

i have been trying for 3 days but i can’t find how to import many products to my store.

i saw there is “Import” function on my admin control panel.

Also i have data products on excel sheet (but i have not managed it).

i’m really need your help how import/add all products on my store.

Hope you can assist step by step.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Make sure that you have applied any bug fixes that appear in the bugs tracker or in the forum, I do believe there is at least one that effects the import/export facility.

Firstly create a sample product from the excel spreadsheet in cs-cart (don’t import the actual file) via the administration backend

export the product,

match the columns(from the export) to the excel file that you wish to import.

ensure that the data is in the same format (ie prices without currency $ymbols)


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