How to import 1 item code with 20 sub categories?

So i have made a new product on cs cart. I Have opened up an excel file and have entered my product code, category, secondary category and list price. When i put the secondary category information in, i separate each field with a comma and then import this data back into the cs cart. after imported i look at my categories and it has made a new category FROM the secondary categories. Anyone know why it would do this or an easier way to do so?

If the category is not available CS will create a new category forit. What are you saying, do you need the product in more than 2 categories or not.


yes, i want the product in multiple categories. to give an example. this is a motorcycles company. i have an oil filter that fits multiple bikes. there are about 20-30 different bikes that have there own category, i would like to connect those oil filters to the motorcycles it fits so i need it to be in multiple categories