How To Hook Into Vendor Page


i am writing a plugin that hooks into the vendor page.

My first question is: which template is responsible for the Vendor Page? If my store adress was, then each "vendor x" has a page at, Which template is this? If I click "more" on this page, I am redirected to dispatch companies.view of the company ID.

Second question: on dispatch=companies.view, there are some tabs that say "description", "reviews". I want to add more tabs there. However, I dont understand how the common/tabsbox.tpl determines which tabs are displayed. Is it not possible to use the companies:tabs hook to add more tabs?


Try this free addon

This plugin is not bad, but unfortunately it uses the Website Tab which I have disabled for my Vendors.

Still very helpful. Thanks very much!

What menu area it uses is probably defined in it's [ADDON]/schemas/menu/ file and should be able to be easily changed.

Most likely the template you're interested in is:design/themes/responsive/templates/views/companies/view.tpl

You would use thehook 'companies:tabs' to add additional tabs to the page.

A vendor's products are shown using the products.tpl template in the same directory.


Have you managed to add a tab? I'm trying to do the same thing and I managed to use the hook, but whatever I do, it seems it doesn't add another tab.

Wrote something like this:

<div id="content_social"
class="{if $selected_section && $selected_section != "social"}hidden{/if}">

Do I need to do something else? Maybe related to $selected_section?

You will have to extend the $navigation_tabs template variable to include the the new name of your tab (I.e. content_social).

You can search for $navigation_tabs in the app/controllers/frontend directory to see what controller/modes you need to add a 'post' controller for.

It worked. Thank you :-)