How To Hide Vendor->Vendor Tab In Vendor Panel

Excuse me for another relatively simply question, but what must I edit to hide the Vendors->Vendor tab in vendor panel? In other words, how can I disable the dropdown and make the "vendors" tab be a button linking directly to Account Balance? Here's a reference screenshot as to what i'm referring to: (

Also, in regards to the same area, on vendor panel on the "Products" tab I want to disable the dropdown, as their is only 1 item, so I can set the button to load directly to Products page. Reference screenshot: (

Additionally, on 'Customers tab' I want to disable the dropdown and make link directly to "Customers" page. As their is no use for the Vendor Administrators tab to display for vendors. Reference screenshot (

Again these changes must be only for vendor panel, not admin panel.

Many thanks in advance!

It can be done with CSS, as long as you have a unique ID in the vendor admin:

Then it's just something like this in your stylesheet:

#vendorspage li.vendors {display: none;}

#vendorspage = this is the ID we've added to this page, so that we're only applying this change to the vendor admin.

li.vendors = the part of the dropdown menu you want to omit (in this case a list item with the class of "vendors")

display: none = hides it from display



                'manage' => array (
                    'permissions' => false

after the following code:

                'm_delete' => array (
                    'permissions' => false

Then clear cache and check result

Ahh, here I was scratching my head on this and your reply pops up :)

E-com labs code worked like a charm.

Thank you guys both for the help, very much appreciated!!

You are welcome! :)

Now I'm curious - what is the code doing that eCom has posted doing?

Now I'm curious - what is the code doing that eCom has posted doing?

It declines all requests (GET, POST) made by vendors to the companies.manage dispatch

Brilliant! Thanks…

I edit this setting

still I am unable to see design tab in vendor panel