How To Hide The Incomplete Order Status

Well, I am not sure if I will be able to explain easily the challenge, but I will try to make this topic the most clean possible.

One thing that I feel that CS Cart Multivendor is missing is a feature to restrict which order status a vendor can choose. In my opinion this should be a default feature, but our happiness there are two addons that do something similar (links in the end of the topic).

But there is a problem with both addons, and a few others I've seen before, which is the "incomplete" status. I am not sure why, but no addon that I saw seems to be able to hide the "incomplete" status for vendors or restrict it someone way. Is like if that any code developed for orders status doesnt work with the incomplete status.

So here is my doubt how is possible to hide the incomplete order status from the dropdown menu in order management page?

Vendor restrictions:

Order Status Restrictions:

Looking deeper into the code, I found a setting where it is possible to determine what status code will be used for incomplete orders. I noticed that the code by default is indicating a status that doesn't exist in the status list. The code is as follows:


What happens if we change this status for one that has actually been created in the status table? I read the documentation but couldnt find anything about this setting. I made a test creating an "incomplete" status in the backend and changed the letter in the config.php file to use the same letter of the incomplete status from the backend. Everything seems to be working fine, but I couldnt confirm is there is someplace where this is not working.