How to hide block titles

Hi everyone, I’m new with CS Cart, I love it but I need to get used to it more :frowning:

I am struggling to hide the block titles, I created a block to display my BESTSELLERS but the darn title gets displayed in the block, I did not chose any wrapper and it still appears, actually if I select a wrapper the title appears twice… how can I hide it? Should I go inside the tpl files and delete the code that writes the title? Should I make a new wrapper that doesn’t contain the title?:confused:

Thanks a lot for your time!

Hmmm, works properly for me in 2.0.10 using Basic skin: no wrapper, no title. What skin are you using?


I am using the TOY STORE skin… could that be the problem?

It should not be. I will test it out here and get back to you.


Works fine for me with Toy Store skin.

Have you tried clearing the template cache? Add ‘&cc’ to the end of any admin URL and see if that makes any difference.


Hi I think I found out the problem, I was using the appearance type “HOT DEALS” which by default always shows the block title, so I switched it to Multicolumn and it works perfectly!

Thanks a lot!