How To Have Exceptions To Shipping Calculations

We currently calculate shipping based on postal code using several different fixed formulas on weight. However our regular courier has special charges for remote locations, which are too complex to be done online.

Is there a way to have certain postal codes (locations) appear to the customer as "freight will be calculated and confirmed before shipment". So they can still place the order online but they know that freight will still need to be added and confirmed with them before the order is processed.



Unfortunately, no. You can create additional shipping method for these locations with free shipping and specify details about shipping cost in the description of this method.

Have a look at the add-on "Estimate shipping cost".

The add-on shows the shipping cost for each shipping method based on the quantity and weight of items the customer orders and location of the customer.

Also, pay attention to modification Shipping Distance.

It calculates the shipping cost depending on the distance from the shop location to the delivery location. In the storefront customers see a final shipping cost depending on the distance.

Are you talking about UK Malcolm. Highlands and Islands etc?

If so it can be done by setting multiple loacations and applying shipping to them.

i.e. UK Mainland
highlands and Islands (jersey, Isle of man, some aberdeen post codes etc)




Hi John,

Actually it's for Canada. We have different locations for each of the provinces in Canada.

The problem is certain remote areas in the provinces have surcharges on freight which get quite high.

I have the postal codes for those areas (about 100), but if I setup a new location with those postal codes, they will show up on that and on the general province location, unless I list all the postal codes ranges for a province and exclude the remote area ones from the list, which gets very complicated.

Ideally I'd like to just "exclude" certain postal codes from a location for example.

HHmm, I understand.

we have similar in that we define the location and add the outlying post codes to it at "outlying location" shipping.

I see what you mean