How To Group Similar Products To Declutter The Pages

In our website we sell among other products lots of different types of sandpaper.

Most of these sandpapers are available in several different grades, sometime 10 or more. They are otherwise the same. At the moment the customer can lose the overview with so many similar items.

Have a loo yourself here for example.

It would be nice to present the customer with just one product for all different grades.

Perhaps the customer could select the required grade from a drop down menu. However not all grades are the same price, nor are they sold at the same box quantity. For stock control reasons they also need to be handled as a separate products, each grade with their own product code.

Since all all products are already in our database, I don't want to mess with them but just display them in more compact way.

I am more like a novice and hope for an easy solution, but if customization is required I may need to use the help of a professional web designer.

Your ideas are appreciated.

In one products could be done with options.

Also use features & filters




This way would be easier for customer to filter out options they don't want to see.

Just found a really good example of what we are after.

Its a very clean easy to follow layout

- One pages shows the product

- On the page you select the size of the product and the required grade. The price changes accordingly.

-Enter the quantity and add to cart

Also on the bottom of the page is a table showing all the available options.

Is there an easy way to replicate this with CS-cart?

If the price modifiers are the same for the options for all products you can just make it a global option and then "link" (cs-cart term for "reference") it.

You could do an export of your products just selecting the needed fields and then add the options into the CSV and then import them.

Okay I managed to use the options See

But how do I get the prices to show correctly;

Attached is a table showing all possible options;

How to I get these prices to show correctly?

Is this even possible with the price modifier as they is now real pattern to it?