How to go out adding lots of options (ideas needed)

Hi there

Our new site is coming along nicely but Im a bit stumped one something

If you buy say a watercooling radiator you need barbs ( the fittings that connect the rad to the tubing)

There are quite a few options like

8 - 10mm

12 - 16mm

16 - 20mm for example

If you have these as product options then the items are statically priced meaning if the price of these barbs change then you have to edit them all.

Should I look at options or do something similar to this but replace the product upsell with something like

Things you might also need…


The same product listed on another site


Has a rather nice product options box, is that possible with CS cart without too much hard coding?

The other option is using “required products”. But if they’re not required then that won’t work. Your “barbs” should be global options so if the price changes, all products that reference them will show the change. Make sure you have the “as link” checkobox checked (stupid name, but they ignored the feedback).

Hi there,

I think I get what you are saying. Im going to have a play now and see if I can make up anything like that. Do you have any references on how to do it just in case I get a bit stuck

Go look at product options in the knowledge base (

Odd that, I had a look but I cant see how you link live products (i.e stock thats already on the site and if it sells one to show on the options)

Will have another look again this afternoon to see if I can solve it.

Is this any good to you



Hi John,

Could be, did you see the link that I posted to the site thats doing it kinda the way I want to?

Also you got a live demo I could peek at?