How to get the products main image and URL

Hey all.

I’m currently trying to set up my ‘Facebook Meta Properties’. I’ve managed to get them all working apart from the following two:

<meta property=“og:url”

<meta property=“og:image”

All I need is the correct code to display the ‘current page URL’ and the ‘product (or category) main image URL’.

I have searched, and tried a a few variations with no luck, nothing is displayed.

Any tips of how to get this information to display dynamically?

Cheers :)

Maybe this helps:

Facebook share image - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

Also, I don't know if you're using cscart rocks canonical URL add-on, but in combination with google's modpagespeed this can cause problems.

Thanks for your reply!

I had seen your post already actually, from a search!

The thing is, I want it to pull the main product image, or category image dynamically depending on what product or category page is being ‘liked’.

I’ve managed to do it with the title and description using smarty tags and {if} statements, I just cant seem to see where I can grab the current page URL and either ‘main product image’ or ‘category image’.

Cheers! :)