How to get a summary of producted [Options selected]

Here is my scenario :

I have a product page that contains options for a shoe[list]

[]Color : Blue , Red , Orange , White

]As well as shoe size


I re-arranged a few template tags so that I have a mini cart that shows on the left side :[list=1]

[]Product Name

]Stock Status (In stock , out of stock)

[*]Product price (changes according to what option is selected)


After the product price I would like to have a summary of options that were selected by the customer.

So if they wanted a blue shoe , size 11 then that choice would be reflected and shown dynamically in my mini cart so the page does not have to refresh.

***I took a look at how the “add to cart” button contains a summary of the selections a user has made but have not been able to reproduce it via tags.

I really appreciate anyone who takes a crack at this ! :grin: :mrgreen: :grin:

***I know i misspelled the topic

no one knows what the options tags are called or which folder they are stored in ?