How to get a block showing cart total to update on changes

Hi all,

Instead of using the dropdown 'Cart content' block I'd prefer to have a simple cart summary display in the header and a side block that displays the contents.

So I'm wanting to create a simple block for the header that displays the cart total/number of items and view cart/checkout links.

I'm basically after the summary the 'Cart content' block displays: e.g. '2 item(s) for $66.95' or 'Cart is empty' but without the dropdown functionality.

I've got a new template setup so it does display that info but I'm not sure how to get it to refresh (without reloading the page) when adding products to cart.

Would I be correct in assuming AJAX/JS is required for this?

Any help to get this working would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, I think I've managed to get this working through some trial and error but I've run into another problem.

In my sidebox mini cart, when an item is added to cart it shows up fine but when removing an item with a delete button, the sidebox cart does not reflect the change. So, unless the page is refreshed, the deleted item remains in the sidebox cart.

If worse comes to worse I'll just remove the delete button but I'd like to keep the convenience of having it there if possible. So if there are any suggestions please let me know.

I also noticed an issue with the regular cart content dropdown in the header. After deleting an item from the dropdown, the delete buttons no longer show up until the page is refreshed. Not so much an problem for myself as I'm not using that particular block but I thought it was worth mentioning.