How To Generate And Print Usps Shipping Label Without Using Endicia


The following question is related to Multi-Vendor.

I am looking for an add on the will allow admin and vendors to generate USPS shipping labels and once generated automatically will populate tracking number in the orders page and shipping page.

Currently I see an Endicia add on, which requires me to have a Endicia professional account so that I can access to the label server through the Add on. This is an expensive solution.

I am looking for a solution, where API provided by USPS can be integrated into CS Cart add on.

We have USPS labels addon in progress. It works with USPS API and does not require Endicia service. Please PM me for details


We have a CS-Cart add-on "USPS Shipping labels".

Price — USD 99.

In case you have any questions please contact us.

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Hi Alt Team,

Regarding you USPS label add-on, does it also calculate the box weight including the product weight?