How To Force Edit Of Step 2 Of Checkout


I need to ensure that every time someone clicks on a ‘Checkout’ link, they are forced to go to Step 2 of checkout in edit mode. I need this because I have added a Delivery date field to step 2 which I need the customer to enter for every order they place.

I have got around this so far by changing the code for the checkout links to {assign var=“link_href” value=“checkout.checkout&edit_step=step_two&from_step=step_two”} , but I can’t find the code to alter the Checkout link in the popup box when a customer adds a product to the basket.

I think the code to alter is located in customer/views/checkout/components/checkout_steps.tpl, but I don’t know what code to add to force it to edit step 2 whenever the checkout link is clicked.