How to export product options?


I’m trying to figure out how to export product options from my orders page that I can make sense of. Most of my items come in various sizes and color and I need to know this information in my exports.

Yes, the export does have an “extras” column, but it shows the product options as:

“{product_options: {1041: “4815”},” rather than Size 7 or Size 4mm. I’ve tried to make sense of those number that are being exported but there seems to be no ryhme or reason for them.

Please help me solve this.

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When I export products, I use tab delimited but I don’t think the format makes a difference. Also, I have the newest version of the cart but can’t find anywhere where it tells me what that version is.

My options export in a column labeled "Options". When setting up your export, just make sure the "Options" field is selected as part of the export. It will be included in the list by default. It will appear in the spreadsheet like this:

[B][COLOR="Green"]Color: S[White,Black][/COLOR][/B]
Color = title of options
S = Select type display (drop down)
And options are separated by a comma

A radio button type display would be similar: Color: R[White,Black]

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Not really sure what you are seeing, just letting you know how mine works.

I might have a clue to your problem. There are two kinds of options: Global Options and Individual Options.

Global Options are set for the entire catalog. That is, you can pre-configure those options that re-occur throughout your catalog. Example:






If you are building a new product and click the “Product Options” tab, any pre-set global options automatically appear. You can choose to select one of the Global Options, or ignore them altogether.

Or, you may add an Individual Option by custom building an option only for that product. This too is under the tab called “Product Options”.

Although I don’t use Global Options, my guess is you are doing so. Look in the left hand column under “Catalog” and you’ll see a link to these options. If you’ve you’ve built some Global Options they will appear there.

I don’t know what happens when you export a product with Global Options attached, but that might be what you are seeing.