How to enable SSL for all pages?

Has anyone done this? I have modified the redirectors in fn.control.php but it ends up doing an infinite loop. I have also tried to set HTTPS mandatory in .htaccess but that also gives me an infinite loop.

Anyone know?

I think make no sense for seo issue. correct me if am wrong, but i think google do not spider ssl pages.

One of my CS-Cart stores wanted the same thing. I had to have CS-Cart tech support change something on that store. I don’t remember what it was.


My Website is fully on SSL. I like it. There was not to many problems with indexing. Google, yahoo and Msn are running just fine.


Be veeery carefull: default cs-cart instalation prevent the crawling of ssl pages considering them check-out proceess. So I made a mistake on the last upgrade and forgot about it so “no index, no follow” were on all my pages for weeks until I realise the problem. I was desperate… :smiley:

It is a bit risky and I’m not sure if I would do it again. Now, I will keep it like this. Looks good to tell my customer that everything is protected, and prove it with the SSL Seal.

There is more then 1 file to modify. I ask the support from CS-Cart. Costed 10 credits (if I remember well).

You may check it:

It’s a hassle to do SSL on all pages. I advise against it.

…to make the whole store ssl secure. Have a look at eBay or Amazon sites.

If I were eBay or Amazon and had a dedicated staff and multi-million dollar budgets you bet I’d implement site-wide SSL.

At this point though … I think not. Making the entire site SSL tends to really screw up adding products to the cart.

Here is a very good alternative regarding this, just read through this forum thread: