How To Enable Shipping Method For Only Selected Postcode/zipcode

I am trying to set up a new shipping method only valid for certain postcodes in Australia.

I first created a new location and specified the postcode patterns “2???” and “3???” in the zipcodes field; then I created a new shipping method and defined the rates for that location. Now the rates are working correctly for those postcodes, but for other postcodes the cart says “free shipping” while my intention is that this shipping method is only valid for the defined location.

Is it possible to restrict a shipping method to only selected postcodes?

I am also wondering what the “(+)” sign next to a location mean (on the Shipping Charges screen). See attached screen shot there's a “(+)” after the location " Default destination (Australia Only)" and other two locations.


Hello yong2014,

As far as I can see, you have added the specific rate (more than 1000) for the default destination. That is why it is free of charge for all other locations. Just remove all rates which you can remove from this location.

The “+” sign means that there is at least one rate defined for this location. So, in “USA” location is also defined some rate. Please check it

Hope it will be helpful for you.

Thanks a lot eComLabs!

You are welcome!