How To Enable Payment Via Reward Points For Shipping And Taxes?

i am using cs-cart v4.2x ultimate. when a customer trying to buy using his reward points, he can only pay for the products, not for the shipping charges, the taxes, etc… i want to enable this, so that customer who have points can make complete order using his points, without need to pay again for shipping and taxes.

example. if a customer has 200 usd reward points in his account. now he wants to buy a product for 100usd and for this the invoice total is about 110usd, including the shipping. then at checkout he can only use his 100usd points and for rest 10usd he need to use his credit card again. but i dont want to do this… i want customer to be able to pay full for his order using points only. if he have.


I have read your requirement and we are ready to do required customization work from your website regarding the reward point adjustment from shipping. Please check PM.


Additional modification is required here. Our team is ready to perform it for you if the request is still actual. Feel free to contact me using the link from my signature.

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The only work around I have been able to use is during sales promotions

where certain purchases can get free shipping.

Customer enters promo code to enable free shipping ( or based on product

$ total with no need for code ) and then applies Reward Points.