How to enable APC with Cs-Cart?

Are there any directions for how to enable APC with Cs-Cart?

UPDATE: I had my server support enable APC and it crashed the cart

caused various encoding issues with the cache it looks like. Once

we turned it on Cs-Cart would not work anymore. Finally we got it

turned back off and Cs-Cart was working again but still is not

fast enough.

I got some “Great” news about APC and CS-Cart… Will announce on the Forums soon.

Stay tuned!

Why not use XCache instead of APC. XCache is very stable and code is also maintained/under active development. I find XCache performs marginally better compared to APC.

Also it is possible to use XCache for Block Cache (this will require an addon to cs-cart to make this work, my code is in early stages), providing performance improvement compared to other block cache methods.