How to do Flat Rate shipping?

In my shop I charge $3 shipping to USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada and $4 for everywhere else. I though I set up the options right but I keep getting the error:

[QUOTE]Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.

Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you. [/QUOTE]

These are my settings:

[QUOTE]Shipping Methods

A) National USPS First Class Shipping

B) Inational USPS First Class Shipping


A) National

In National I have USA, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico

B) In International I have every other country.



USA as default. In the Items I have:

Countries: USA

Currencies: US Dollars

Languages: English[/QUOTE]


You probably have a duplication of a location. Actual end-point locations can only be in one location. What other localizations are you using? If you’re not using other localizations, you should turn it off. In fact, you might try turning off your localizations to see if your location gets fixed. You might have to add your other “National” countries/areas to your localization to make it work.

Should I only have one Localization?

You probably don’t need any. If you’re only supporting once currency and lanuage then there’s no need. In fact, there’s no real need other than convenience for most sites.

The localization simply sets a currency/language/(optionally weight) setup for a country. But these can also be done independently.

If you’re having problems, get to the simplest configuration you can to diagnose.