How to do buy X and get Y free?

Not sure how to do this promo:

Lets say if you buy 12 of product X then the cart somehow adds product Y for free without the custsomer having to add product Y themselves

Or buy any 12 items and get Y free

Or do you think that the customer should have to add the product Y to the cart themselves?



Hi B,

Please follow these steps, go to:



+Add cart promotion

Title of promo ie “Buy 12 get 1 free”

Click Conditions tab

+Add condition

Select Product from drop down list

Add your product ‘X’


Enter quantity (ie 12)

Click Bonuses tab

+Add Bonus

Select Free product from drop down list

+Add your product ‘Y’

Save and Close

Now when some-one buys 12 ‘X’ products ‘Y’ product will be added to cart automatically



Thanks Jon!