How to do BOGO or Buy One, Get One Sale

I have tried to research the forums and knowledge base but I cannot seem to figure out how to do a “BOGO” or buy one item and get one item free or at half price. Basically, if a customer buys one item for $15 then they can get any other item that is for $15 or less for either free or half price. It is a common sale and something we used to do with a previous shopping cart, but for the life of me I can not figure out how to make it work on CS 2.2.5. I have been messing with CS 4.0.3 too but still cannot figure out how to do it there either. Am I missing something here or is CS behind on the times on this?

I use 3.0.6 and we run a buy 3 get the lowest priced item for free but the ONLY way

was to make about 100 codes for a customer to enter which would decrease the total

by the price of the lowest item.

eg Code 93 would create a $93 discount.

Conditions: Code 93, Number of items in cart > or = to 3

In short, CS-Cart can't determine the lowest priced item and make it zero cost.

I really don't think any off the shelf cart can and I quizzed most about it.

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There was one cart I came across that did but it required special modification.

I don't know the name of this cart. I simply ran across a web site that could perform

the function you require and asked the owner.

I'm pretty sure Alt Team have an add on for exactly that…

Thanks for the replies. The shopping cart we used before that had this feature was I'm not for sure if it still does or not. I also looked through the alt-team site before I posted here and went ahead and looked again but I did not see anything. I guess I may be just missing it or maybe they stopped making it. Seems kind of strange that this would be that difficult to do.

can you do a buy together by setting up duplicate products hidden at nil price? or do you mean they can choose any product that is lesser value.

Like you said in your other post…seems easy on the face of it but then no so easy when you look into it


Our old cart from 2007 allowed the customer to choose the items they wanted. The nil idea would not work out because you never know what someone would order.

We have created a BOGO addon (Buy One Gift One). You can read about it here: