How to display product tabs in a block

Hi all,

Option One

I am racking my brains trying to figure out how to display the product tabs that you see on the product page in a block so I can turn the block on and off in the block manager?

Option Two

The other option is to know how to display the “Also Bought” products data from the Also Bought block in the prodcts page and have it hard coded?

I think option one would be the easier for admin pruposes.

Any ideas if this can be done?



Hi again,

I have atached an image so you can see what I am trying to achieve.

page image example.jpg

Product tab > add tab > select block > Create New Block > product

Fill with content you like the same for also bought


HI Rob,

Thaks for the info. I dont actually want to add the block into a tab. I want the block " Also Bought" for example, to be displayed next to the products tabs on the product page. So I would need to find a way of displaying the product tabs data from the product page inside a block rather than hard coded onto the product page itself.


what you can try is add the tabbox.tpl placed in common template in the blocks/wrapper

go to block an make a now grid wit temlate = tapbox ( first make ?cc )

then you can work with blocks.

delete the call from the tabbox from the product_default.tpl else you have 2 times the same box :)

i dont know if works… is in my head on the fly

Hi Posto that did not work I`m afriad.

Does anyone know how to do this. Just display the products tabs in a template block so I can turn it on and off on a per product page basis?

I am actually exactly trying to do this… Placing tabs into blocks would let us play a lot more with the design.

But I still could not find how to do it.

Will be happy to hear from you if you find any way to do this !