How To Display Error Massage While Uploading Csv At The Backend. If We Entered Category Path ( // ) In Csv

While uploading CSV at the backend. If we entered category path ( // ) in csv, creating duplication, we are unable to get the error message. Kindly look into this.

Please clarify your question with examples

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Actually i have an issue while upload products through csv file.

The issue is when iam uploading the products through CSV , If any thing wrong input like category mapping in csv present, it should through an error. But instead of this it is creating a dublicate category.

So the workuplod has been increasing.

So please gave me a solution to solve this issue.

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I am afraid, to is required to examine your case and used file. Try to contact support team at first. Possibly there is a bug there

It would be most helpful to all if csc would simply log the results of imports including successful rows and failed rows (and why).