How to display content for selected localizations

Is there a way to display content for certain localizations? I want to add a block to the header of my default page. Want to display information relevant to certain countries. For example, if it is an Australian Customer, I want to display on top of page “Flat Rate $6.95 Shipping”. This should not show for anyone from any other countries.

Is there some code I can add in my content that will get the current localization, and allow me to hide content if I have to? For example, I could define a class that hides content if it is a different localization.

I found a way to do something similar. Create a banner, and select desired localization. Yes, banners can be configured for specific localizations. Now, in “Layouts” add a new block, go to “Create New Block”, and select the banner just created. This block will contain the banner that only shows for selected localization.

This method is very cumbersome, and doesn't provide flexibility of adding custom content. I am after something that will let me add a HTML block in “Layouts”, and configure it to only show for select Localizations. Any ideas???