How to display active tab for specific page?H

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how i can made that in “Top Menu” a specific page is active when customer visiting it? i know that i can made it active when i write “pages” in the field, but when i have for ex. page1 and new menu page2 then are both menu point are activated even when only page1 is visited.


I´ve tried to add the ID from the page, but doesnt work…

here the example in pictures:



show on the active tab, both page links 1 and 1 have in the field “active tab” “pages” and then it doesnt work…

Look on page 320 of the manual.

Look on page 320 of the user manual ([URL]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation)


[URL]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

That is all I was able to find on this topic. Hopefully it helps.

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this thing i know all, but it doesnt work that the menu tab is only activate for each menu tab was linked with the pages. :frowning:

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Did you check “Use “Link text” and “URL” values from selected item” ???

TexasGuy you are amazing! It works very well!!! If you like i will made you a donation, you can write me a pm for this too… or if you like i will buy a addon for your shop…

What will affect when i tick the box “Use “Link text” and “URL” values from selected item” ??? What is thsi option do?

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As I said before. It is all on page 320 of the cs-cart user manual.

This does NOT work if there are sub pages. If you click on the dropdown menu from the front end, it won’t activate that particular menu tab.

So there is still a problem!

I cannot seem to get an active tab for the top menu for certain pages

i have on both pages use text link checked and also the page selected under pages

but neither show as selected when you are on the pages?

i have attached 2 screen shots for reference



[quote name=‘TexasGuy’]Did you check “Use “Link text” and “URL” values from selected item” ???[/QUOTE]

Thank you TexasGuy!

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